Flowers for February 1st - 16th
February is heavily affected by Valentines day so prices and supply are dramatically variable. If your wedding is between Feb 1st to Feb 16th, the cost will be higher for roses, petals, snapdragons, carnations, mini carnations and delphinums are the items affected. 

Though at first glance it appears like price gouging, there is an explanation. This is caused by having a floral holiday in the middle of winter. The costs and risks associated with bringing in the Valentine's Day crop are high. Also, shifting production towards such a small time window creates 'holes' on both side of the holiday, leading to higher prices due to lack of supply. If you plan on going with us it is critical to let us know as far in advance as you can, as selling out is a guarantee at that time of year. 
Flowers we do not sell (and why)
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