Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Fresh rose petals are great but sometimes you need to have dried petals. If you want fresh rose petals, click here.

Air dried petals are all shriveled up and don't retain the natural shape of petals. Freeze drying is a process by which petals can be dried and still look fresh. The petal are not frozen when they arrive!! The petals pictured are freeze dried. How is it done? Think about getting your tongue stuck to a cold flag pole via lyophilization.

We carry freeze dried rose petals in a 9" by 7.5" by 3" container. It holds approximately 1000 freeze dried rose petals. That is the approximate amount of petals from 50 roses.

For tossing, most brides have been using 1 container per 25 guests. Some have stretched that to cover 50 guests. To scatter on tables we recommend 1 container per 5 tables for a light scatter and 2 containers per 5 tables if you want a heavier look. For walkways and aisles the average has been 2 feet by 10 feet per container. The actual amount you need, depends on the effect you want.