Fresh Rose Petals
All prices based on pick up in Watsonville, CA. Our fresh rose petals come in one gallon bags. Each bag represents approximately 1000 petals. Available all year. Some venues only allow freeze dried petals, so you may want to check ahead of time.

For tossing, most brides have been using 1 bag per 25 guests. Some have stretched the bag to cover 50 guests. To scatter on tables we recommend 1 bag per 5 tables for a light scatter and 2 bags per 5 tables if you want a heavier look. For walkways and aisles the average has been 2 feet by 10 feet per bag. The actual amount you need, depends on the effect you want. Each bag represents approximately 40-50 heads worth of petals, approximately 25 cups or 1000 petals. They arrive 2 days before the event. Just toss them in the fridge till ready to use